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Avalanche Basin Falls


Avalanche Basin Falls is the northernmost of the significant waterfalls which pour down the head of the Avalanche Lake cirque in Glacier National Park. The falls are fed by the northernmost part of the Sperry Glacier, as well as dozens of tarns and snowmelt streams in the basin above, dropping about 900 feet in a huge horsetail-type fall down the headwall in a parallel course to neighboring Sperry Glacier Falls. A short distance downstream from this waterfall the stream forms Monument Falls, which we had previously assumed to be the name which properly applied to this waterfall instead. Because that turned out to not be the case, several of the waterfalls in the Avalanche Lake basin had to be re-named to more appropriate titles. The larger neighboring falls - which was formerly known as Avalanche Basin Falls - was re-titled to Sperry Glacier Falls, and the former name was then migrated to this feature.

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