Directions: Follow Interstate 15 south to Helena for 28 miles to Boulder MT. From Butte, travel 38 miles north on Interstate 15 and go through Butte. Continue three miles on State Highway 69. Boulder Hot Springs is to your right. The sign is clearly visible.
Highlights: This resort offers lodging options, including bed and breakfast rooms, guest rooms, and camping. You will find separate hot pools and steam rooms (during weekdays) as well as an outdoor pool of 98 degrees. After running in zero degree weather, you'll appreciate the steam rooms or hot pools.
History: The Boulder Hot Springs hot springs hotel and hotsprings grounds are both listed on the National Register of Historic places. The history of the resort is fascinating. It was established in 1860. In the 1880s, the hotel was built. Over the next 30 years, it was enlarged and remodelled to become the current style. This hotel is one of Montana's most haunted. It was said to be haunted "Simone", which is the ghost of a murdered prostitute.
Overall: The resort is well worth visiting, and possibly driving all the way from your home to stay. This resort offers you a relaxed and unique experience as well as some amazing history. Boulder Hot Springs is a strictly non-alcohol resort. There are no party goers.
More Info: Visit Boulder Hot Springs web site Note: This summary was based on the experience had by and approved by Boulder Hot Springs, Thank you!


31, Hot Springs Rd, Boulder, MT 59632, US

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