Burger's Lake is an attraction that offers a small, spring-fed water park in River Oaks Texas. Since 20 years, my boys and I have enjoyed going to their park. It is much more pleasant than a chlorine-infested swimming pool. I asked the owners about untreated, raw water and they were happy to direct me in the right direction.
The big swimming pool is treated with small amounts of chlorine. However, the little splash area for toddlers is untreated and uses raw spring water. The splash area has a large, white tube where you can fill up your water bottles. I was pleased to find out that this water is used for making lemonade. !
This water tastes great and is refreshing. I haven’t tested it yet.
The owners will allow you on the property for free if you tell them that you are only going to be there for five minutes to refill your bottles with the refreshing, icy water. Please visit the park if you are ever in the vicinity. It's laid-back and very enjoyable.


1200, Meandering, Fort Worth, TX 76114, US

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