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Deep Creek Falls


Driving east along Hwy 410 from Chinook Pass, turn north on the Little Naches River road 22 miles from the Pass. Drive north along this road for .75 mile to a large pullout on the right where you can see the falls through some trees. A paved path leads back to a bench and a sign identifying the falls. Best views are from immediately in front of the falls (take any of several paths from the bench).
Deep Creek Falls is located in the Bumping Lake area of Wenatchee National Forest, east of Mount Rainier National Park. Take Highway 410 (Mather Memorial Parkway) east from Chinook Pass for 20 miles, or west from Cliffdell for 7 miles, to the Bumping River Road. Follow the Bumping River Road for 11.2 miles until the pavement ends at the Bumping Lake Campground, then continue along the bumpy gravel extension (Forest Service Road 18) for another 2 1/4 miles, then bear left onto Deep Creek Road #1808 (look for signs pointing to the Mount Aix Trail). Continue another 3.8 miles up Road 1808 to a pullout on the left, about one-quarter of a mile after crossing Deep Creek on a concrete bridge. A short, obvious trail leads down to a view of the falls from the rocks above.Deep Creek is a major tributary to the Bumping River which originates in Twin Sisters Lakes on the north end of the Tumac Plateau between White Pass and Bumping Lake. Most of Deep Creek's course is spend along a placid, meandering path along the bottom of its broad, glacially carved valley, but once or twice it runs across a resistant layer of bedrock and gets a bit more turbulent. This is most prevalent at Deep Creek Falls, where the stream drops 34 feet as it cascades down a sluice scoured into a broad ledge of volcanic rock. The falls drop in a direction facing partially away from the nearby road, which makes viewing the falls clearly difficult and in following they aren't highly regarded.
Though Deep Creek can produced a substantial volume of water during the peak of snow melt season, the stream is otherwise limited in its discharge by the sparse landscape of the volcanic plateau above. Springs keep the stream running all year long, but once the annual snow pack has melted, the volume of the stream is greatly reduced.It isn't clear whether the name of this waterfall is officially recognized or not, but it does have a fairly extensive colloquial usage, and we have not seen it referred to anything other than simply Deep Creek Falls.

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50 cfs (6 months)

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10 cfs (6 months)


60 degrees

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Watershed or Feeder Stream

Columbia River Deep Creek