Name of Waterfall

Diobsud Falls


This waterfall is found on a branch of Diobsud Creek near its headwaters on Bacon Peak. The stream originates from meltstreams, several small tarns and a small lake in the basin directly south of Bacon Peak. Diobsud Creek proper originates in the Diobsud Glacier to the northwest and cascades steeply down a deep, narrow canyon which does not appear to harbor any major waterfalls. The branch harboring this waterfall plunges at least 400 feet over a sheer cliff to meet Diobsud Creek in the basin below this canyon, with a second fall of about 80 feet a short distance downstream. Access to the falls appears exceptionally difficult and because no trails exist in the area, would likely require several days of hiking to reach on foot.

Other Names


Watershed or Feeder Stream

Skagit River Diobsud Creek