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Docs Drop


The falls are located along the Washougal River, about 20 miles NE of Washougal. There are two ways to reach the falls. For those of you coming from the east along SR 14, watch for Salmon Falls Road, which branches off of SR 14 about 10 miles west of the Bridge of the Gods or 3 miles east of the Cape Horn viewpoint. Drive 3 miles along Salmon Falls road to the bridge across the Washougal River, where Salmon Falls can be seen just upstream. Turn right at the intersection immediately beyond and continue for another 5 miles to the second bridge over the Washougal River where Dougan Falls can be seen to the right. Coming from the west, the easiest way to reach the falls is as follows. In Washougal, approximately 9 miles east of Interstate 205, turn north onto SR 140. After about 10 miles, 140 becomes the Washougal River road. Continue for approximately 7 miles (passing Salmon Falls Road after about 2 miles) to the Dougan Falls bridge. From Dougan Falls, turn right on the gravel extension of the Washougal River Road (a sign points towards Stevenson), and follow for another 2.5 miles, just past the Stebbins Creek bridge, to a pullout on the river side of the road. The falls are visible from the road but are partially obscured by trees without scrambling close (again, please heed the No Trespassing signs and do not go closer). Clear but distant views from the road can be had from the Stebbins Creek bridge.While there are a few more falls upstream of this point, Doc's Drop is the uppermost major waterfall along the Washougal River with easy access. The falls are formed as the river spreads out over a broad, rugged ledge and cascades 17 feet - first as small gradual slides and steps, then as a more vertical drop at the end. During periods of lower flow the river splits into three or four distinct channels at the falls, while in the winter and spring the whole ledge will be covered with water.
Though somewhat unclear as to their origin, there are several No Trespassing signs tacked to trees lining the river near the falls. These signs are apparently legitimate, as we've received reports from readers of being ticketed for accessing the falls. Most of the land in the Washougal River basin is owned by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources or Longview Timberlands (which has thus far allowed recreational access), however the parcel (which appears to be fully undeveloped) on which Doc's Drop and nearby Mad Dog Falls on Stebbins Creek can be found does appear to be owned by a private entity. Chances are the signs are posted out of liability concerns since the falls have likely been a popular swimming location in the past, but out of respect for the property owners we must ask you to no longer use the use-paths to get close to the falls and instead view the falls from the public road where possible.The name of the falls was coined by local kayaker Val Shaull after his friend, Doc Loomis found the falls quite enamoring. The name first appeared (to the best of my knowledge) in the first edition of A Guide to the Whitewater Rivers of Washington, by Jeff Bennett.

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370 cfs (7 months)

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60 cfs (5 months)


54 degrees

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Washougal River Washougal River