Name of Waterfall

Dome Rock Falls


Located north of Detroit Lake near the Santiam Highway. From I-5 in Salem, follow Highway 22 east for about 49 miles to French Creek Road - just west of the bridge over the Breitenbush River on the west side of the town of Detroit - and turn left. Proceed for just over 4 miles, and turn right on to FR # 2207 shortly after the pavement ends. Dome Rock Falls can be seen about ¾ of a mile up road 2207, looking across the valley. Closer approaches will require bushwhacking up the drainage for close to ½ mile.This is one of more than a dozen major waterfalls in the upper French Creek drainage. The falls originate from a small basin on the north side of Dome Rock, and then skip about 250 feet down the side of the valley. When I explored the area in March of 2005, I didn't have time to thoroughly investigate this waterfall, but getting close to the base of the falls may be possible. The basin feeding the falls is small, so I wouldn't be surprised if it runs dry during the summer.

Other Names


Total Height (ft)



77 degrees

Watershed or Feeder Stream

Santiam River