Harrison Hot Springs is a unique resort located in Canada, BC. This place is perfect for everyone. They also made it easy to adapt to the lifestyle of outdoor camping enthusiasts. Harrison Lake and its hot springs are the perfect place to find your passion.
BC springs are a natural healing resource that the Salish Coast Indians used for centuries. The hot springs were believed to have the ability to rejuvenate the sick, and could also treat minor colds. Today, thousands of people still use the pools for their healing minerals effects. Even celebrities like Liam Neeson come to BC to enjoy resorts such as these.
The Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa is a BC spa that offers five hot springs. Each spring is unique and each one can be found at the right temperature for you. There are many areas for families to enjoy, as well as quieter places where you can meet other tourists and locals. All five hot springs will be available for guests who stay at the resort.
Indoor Pool
The Harrison indoor swimming pool is part of the spa resort. It is a popular place to relax after a luxurious day of pampering at any of the many spa amenities.
5am - 1am
94 Degrees Fahrenheit
Indoor Hot Pool
On cold winter nights, many people love to come into the hotel for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak in the natural thermal pools. You will feel like you are outdoors as the steam rises, and the waterfall gives you the relaxing effects that you seek.
5 a.m. to 1 a.m
104 Degrees Fahrenheit
Family Public Pool
This is Harrison's most famous hot spring. The large pool offers tourists and locals from Canada over 4,000 square feet worth of healing waters. It is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and lush vegetation making it a serene place to unwind.
8am - 10pm
92 Degrees Fahrenheit
Lap Pool
The hot springs at this resort and hotel are not the only thing you can do. A lap pool is available for those who wish to work out. You will be amazed at the beauty and diversity of the surrounding area while you are swimming in the public pool.
8am - 10pm
83 Degrees Fahrenheit
Adult Hot Pool
Sometimes it's nice to have your own mini vacation and get away from the kids. Harrison Hot Springs offers an adult-only pool that you can enjoy while the families swim in the public pool.
8am - 11pm
98 Degrees Fahrenheit
To enjoy the luxurious spa treatments Harrison resort provides, many people travel from around the globe as well as from Toronto and Vancouver. The spa will make you feel like royalty and allow you to let go of tension. Although the natural mineral waters are healing, the spa also offers other stress relief options.
Other than the usual spa amenities like private massages, body wraps and manicures and pedicures as well as natural beauty options, there are also other spa options such as waxing and natural beauty treatments. You will feel rejuvenated and reborn.
Harrison's famous hot springs are another highlight in British Columbia. The lake is popular with families who enjoy water sports like jet skiing and fishing.
The resort and hotel are only feet away from this huge lake playground, which can be enjoyed both by children and adults. This huge area features a variety of equipment, including swings, slides and teeter -totters. A giant inflatable structure is available at the water park for those who are more daring. It allows you to send your friend flying into the air and then land awkwardly in water. These amusements can bring joy to tourists and locals alike, and can be a lot of fun.
Life jackets are required at Harrison Water Park due to the potential dangers of high jumps and the large crowds. Families should know that their children must be 6 years or older to use the water park. Children aged 6-10 years must be supervised at all time. To ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time, there are lifeguards available during opening hours.
Hours & Pricing
11am - 6pm
Anyone age - $35
4pm - 6pm
Any age - $21
The park has many amenities. There are also great camping areas that offer a tranquil night under the stars. You can also find campgrounds and RV parks for travelers from Toronto or Vancouver. They are only a 90-minute drive away. It ends between Black Tusk Mountain and Fraser Mountain, and locals love it. The stunning views are breathtaking, and winter snow caps add an extra dimension to the experience.
There are many places where friends and family can camp together on the beaches and in the forest. There are many hiking trails that run throughout the area, from short walks of just an hour to long hikes that will take you to high peaks. It's worth renting a car if you plan to fly into Vancouver or Toronto. You can explore British Columbia while you visit the hot springs.
For those who don't like camping, there are cabins that you can rent for the night. These cabins are located in beautiful, secluded locations so that you feel one with nature without having to worry about being disturbed by others. Many sites offer cabins for rental with different amenities and accommodations.


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