Inlet Park Hot Springs, Utah is the best place to explore the northern half of Utah. Because it is close to suburb development, the hot springs are well-known and packed.
The warm, sunny weather and a host of wonderful herbs and trees will welcome you as soon as you arrive at the retreat. It is quite private once you arrive, and the view from the top makes it well worth the drive.
Inlet Park Hot Springs (also known as Saratoga Hot Springs) is maintained through community effort. The property is maintained by volunteers and the authorities as a public site. There are plenty of parking spaces. There will be officers standing by to guard the area as it is a popular local spot. It closes at 10 pm, so make sure to plan ahead.
The main pool's water flows smoothly down the smaller ones. The average temperature of the water in the pool is 109°F. The water "percolates through the muddy base in many places", and the back pool which is more muddy is generally more relaxed.
Because this is a virgin spring, the mud's nutrients are good for your skin. Inlet Hot Spring is an excellent therapeutic activity that can be used to treat everything from back pain to muscle pains.
A nearby lake is available for a relaxing stroll at the hot spring's end.
There are no rooms available on the property. Guests can bring their own food. You can bring your own food, but it's a clean-as-you-go arrangement.
The city provides garbage bins in the entire area.
The attire is important. Nude bathing should be prohibited. All swimmers should wear bathing suits.


6847, N Saratoga Rd, Lehi, UT 84043, US

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