Pronounced as [klebonishkio shaltinis] or simple [shaltinis].Located like 500-700 feet North from the highway Vilnius - Klaipeda in the nearby Wood.You can access it using the next directions: Go West by Siaures prospektas untill the intersections with Sukileliu prospektas then turn to the Right (or North),follow like 3/8 mile.The street passes into Asigalio gatve and turns gradually to the Right again.Then look to the North and see some pathway directing to the North through pedestrian bridge over the highway.Cross it and look for pathway leading into the Wood as mentioned.Between hills the path goes downway toward a small river.There are 2 or 3 established water pick-up places.You'll meet a lot of people with buckets,bottles,canisters overthere so just ask anybody where is the Saltinis.At day time or afternoon you have to wait in line to pickup some water for 5-15 minutes.
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