The Majonini Springs is located in Meidingen. It has approximately 783 households. The municipal borehole system supplies water to the community. The municipality has faced many challenges and sometimes water supply to the community is interrupted. Because of this, the community has to fetch water from the local springs. Majonini Spring was one of the largest springs in Meidingen named after Majonini.
Concrete slabs have been used to surround the spring and fencing has been installed around it. A pipe connects to the spring and water is taken from it. The spring is associated with socio-cultural beliefs in the local community. Some beliefs have resulted in regulations, including a ban against cutting Mogo (indian trees) which are closely linked to the production of spring water. Also, the fencing is designed to discourage women from entering it. Another belief is that the spring is home to a snake, which is also responsible in regulating the water's quality and flow. It is believed that the snake may be provoked by interference with the spring's natural environment. This could cause the spring to dry up.
The flow-rate measured by the outlet pipe connected with the spring during the dry seasons was 10 seconds per 1 litre (i.e. 0.1 litres/second). The flow rate rises significantly in the rainy season, according to reports from the community. The spring is protected against foreign contamination. However water quality results showed higher levels for nitrates, and ecoli. Other parameters, like pH at 6.9 and Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) at 13.5, were found to be within acceptable limits.

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