Old spring can be found on the left, heading towards Castelluccio if you are coming from Visso. It is located at 1,496M, the highest point on the road. This beautiful specimen of a structured and living water has an 8.2 pH, a TDS of 86, and a cool 3.9 degree (celcius) in the summer. My family holds this spring dear because he introduced her to us two years ago. It was my father-in law (I'm not married), and my daughter was 7 months pregnant when he gave birth to our son. Since then, he has had a pure supply of health. It's funny, really, because Rafael in Hebrew means "It's God who heals", God Heals", God, Please Heal", and this is the only baby that I know that has ever had such symptoms. He doesn't have any vaccines and hasn't eaten non-organic meats or dairy. His only time he has excess mucus due to the antibiotics and all other junk they get fed. However, I must admit that he looks almost angelically pure. Everybody who sees him will say something along these lines.
Keep up the great work everyone on the big sphere that we call Earth of Love who is actively sending springs their way and spreading the good news.
The family loves you, Rafael, Zoe Claudia, Gavin, and Gavin.

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