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Novlefoss can be easily seen from the E134 about 3.7 km east of Røldal.Novlefoss is a large two-part waterfall found near Røldal. The falls have a total drop of approximately 330 meters (1,080 feet) over a linear run of 485 meters (1,590 feet), with the two primary sections falling about 55 meters (180 feet) and 215 meters (700 feet) respectively, with the remaining height coming from cascades between the two primary drops. The upper tier is a nearly vertical fall, while the lower tier is a long veiling cascade which spreads out across a breadth of about 65 meters (215 feet).
The Gauthelleråa is a regulated stream a short distance upstream from Novlefoss, and the natural falls no longer flow unless the lakes in the basin above are all at capacity. We attempted to survey the falls in June of 2011 only to find it completely dry, which suggests the hydroelectric system which taps this particular stream has a considerable capacity. Should water overflow from the reservoir above the falls, a second diversion is located about 120 vertical meters down the falls, which appears capable of diverting a good portion of whatever overflow water may escape the lake.

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['Nøvlefossen', 'Nuvlefossen']

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