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Øystrebøfossen is a significant waterfall found along the Øystrebøelva above Ikjefjorden in Høyanger. The falls have been commonly cited as falling 260 meters in the past, however this figure likely stems from a measurement related to the hydroelectric potential of the falls. Based on one-meter contour topographic maps, the actual vertical drop of the falls about 195 meters (640 feet), about 160 meters of that drop coming in a single broad veiling, and nearly vertical fall.
The Øystrebøelva is a regulated stream, the majority of its volume is diverted at the dam which impounds Stølsvatnet about 1.75 kilometers upstream from the falls. Three other lakes however feed the stream freely below the dam, in an area encompassing about 2.4 square kilometers, so the falls do retain a modest to small flow of water for at least part of the year.We've seen references to this waterfall in the past commonly as Austerbofossen, and more recently Øysterbøfossen. The official and correct spelling is however Øystrebøfossen. Østerbøfossen seems to be a colloquially common spelling as well.

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['Østerbøfossen', 'Austerbofossen', 'Øysterbøfossen']

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