Paulina Lake Hot Springs are non-commercial hotsprings that are located near the Newbury Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest. Paulina Lake hot springs are primitive. There are circular dugouts located within the sandy banks of the lake, and some pools are bordered in rocks or wood.
Hot Springs Beach is the name of the area where hot springs are found. It can be reached via the Hot Springs Spur Trail, Paulina Lake Hot Spring Trail or kayaking/boating Paulina Lake. Because of their remote location, the hot springs pools are rarely visited. This makes them a great place to escape and relax while visiting Deschutes National Park.
Paulina Lake Hot Springs includes five geothermal hot springs located on the sandy beaches of Paulina Lake Beach. The pools of hot springs are small, and usually only one person can be accommodated in each pool. Depending on the time of the year, the water temperature can vary from 90 to 115° Fahrenheit.
Paulina lake hot springs are best enjoyed between May-July for the best experience. The hot springs will remain submerged in Paulina Lake at all times during the summer months.
Paulina Lake Hot Springs is accessible via the Hot Spur Spring Trail or the Paulina Lake Hot Springs Trail. The Paulina Lake Hot Springs Trail, which covers over 7.5 miles of the scenic Paulina Lake loop, is the longer route. This hike is great for exploring the Deschutes National Park's natural beauty, and for those looking for a more challenging hike. The Hot Spur Trail is the fastest route to Paulina Hot Springs. It is a 1.2 mile hike that crosses the eastern shores at Paulina Lake.
Paulina Lake Hot Springs is within the Deschutes National Forest. If you want to camp overnight, there are plenty of camping options close to the Hot Springs. For those who are interested in hot-springing, there are two excellent options: the Paulina Lake Campgrounds or Little Crater Campgrounds.
Paulina Lake Campground is situated on the south side of the Lake. It has amenities such as water and toilets. You can stay overnight in this campground for $18 per RV or $9 per additional RV. A Dump Station costs $10 per night. Day use fees are $10 for Paulina Lake Campground. It is highly recommended to make reservations in advance for this campsite. Paulina Lake Campground will be open from May to October.
The Little Crater Campground contains 49 campsites and is located just outside of Paulina Lake. There are campsites that can accommodate trailers, tents, RVs and even trailers. They also have potable water and flushing toilet facilities. This campground is only available from May through October. Little Crater Campground charges $18 for overnight accommodation. An additional $9 per night is charged for a second RV, and $10 for the day use fee.
You will also find a few campsites in the backcountry at North Cove Beach. This is approximately one mile west of North Beach.
Paulina Lake Hot Springs developed following the collapse of Newbury Volcano's core and subsequent crater filling up with water. Over many years, the lava flow caused the crater to be separated into two bodies of water: Paulina Lake and East Lake. Hot springs were also developed on the shore of Paulina Lake.
Season: Spring/Summer/Fall (access road sometimes closed during winter).
Type: Hike (1.2-7.5 mi depending on which trail you choose)
GPS: 43.719 121.209
Map Quad:
Elevation 6340 ft
Public Land - Deschutes National Forest
Restrictions: There is no camping at North Beach
Usage: High
Moderate visibility
Temp: 90-115
Water Clarity: Moderate
Odor: n/a
pH: n/a
Newbury Volcanic Monument - Area Features
Paulina Lake, the nearest food/gas station
Trash: Moderate
Moderate Bugs
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Paulina Lake Campground. Little Crater Campground. North Cove Beach (primitive spots).
Optional clothing: n/a
Pit Toilet No


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