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Raudfossen is a sliding cascade type waterfall which drops 16 meters along the river Ekso. There is a small dam on the river upstream from the falls, but it doesn't appear that its volume is regulated much, if at all. A fish ladder has been blasted into the bedrock next to the falls however, which results in perhaps half of the average volume of the river during the summer months flowing down the ladder instead of over the natural falls - during the spring melt season the volume no doubt swells to cover much of the face of the exposed rock.
There have been sources in various Encyclopedias and Fact Books over the years which cited a waterfall named Raudfossen as dropping some 300 meters, but the exact location of the falls proved to be a mystery. Some sources have attributed this to a waterfall in Svalbard, however the location of that rumored waterfall still remains a mystery (if it even exists). One theory as to where this information originated from has to do with referring to this particular Raudfossen, and the 300 meter figure pertains not to its height, but to a length of river which is closed to fishing around the falls. If this is truly the case, how this may have been misconstrued as a height of 300 meters we may never know for sure.

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