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Rembesdalsfossen is found at the head of Simadalen in Eidfjord. The gravel road which provides views of Skytjefossen (see link below for more) gets to within about 1-1/2 kilometers of the falls, but it appears that where the waterfall is located is hidden just out of sight by the shape of the canyon. Closer views of the dry falls may be possible via trail, but how far of a hike and how difficult is not known.Rembesdalsfossen was at one time one of two major waterfalls located near the head of Simadalen in Eidfjord. The falls drop approximately 235 meters over the head of the valley, nestled in a deep cleft in the cliff at the head of the valley. Another fall of about 45 meters is found another 350 meters downstream from the main fall, but the two are separated enough that they should be considered separate waterfalls despite being visible collectively.
With the completion of the Sima Hydroelectric system in 1980, Rembedalsfossen was permanently de-watered by a dam located immediately upstream from the top of the falls. While the wasteway for the dam does empty to the former path of the river, the capacity of the diversion seems to be significant enough that the likelihood of the falls ever flowing again, unless there is a need to temporarily shut off the diversion, is quite small. The inflow to Rembesdalsvatnet above the falls appears to be quite consistent, fed primarily by the melt from the Rembedalskåka lobe of the Hardangerjøkulen. A second major contributor to the former volume of the Sima, originating in another lobe of the glacier, was permanently diverted to Langvatnet further to the northwest, to be utilized by a different part of the hydro project, so even if the spillways were open, the falls would only resume a partially natural flow.

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