Name of Waterfall

Rhododendron Creek Falls


A series of several small ledgy drops along Rhododendron Creek over the span of several hundred yards.Greg Plumb has proposed naming the individual drops in the idiom of the name. His names include (moving upstream through the series) Oldhamii Falls, Rhodora Falls, Pinxter Falls, Mountain Laurel Falls, Glenn Dale Falls, Azalea Falls, Kurume Falls, and Alpenrose Falls. Several of these features taken individually would not otherwise qualify to be included in this database.

Other Names

['Oldhamii Falls', 'Rhodora Falls', 'Pinxter Falls', 'Mountain Laurel Falls', 'Glenn Dale Falls', 'Azalea Falls', 'Kurume Falls', 'Alpenrose Falls']

Number of Drops


Watershed or Feeder Stream

Rhododendron Creek