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The Rullestadjuvet is found adjacent to the Rullestad Tunnel along the E134 near Rullestad. Westbound travelers can turn off the E134 about 300m before the east portal of the tunnel, following the signs pointing toward Rullestadjuvet. The old road will follow the river for about 5.8km and re-join the E134 near Rullestad Camping along Rullestadvatnet, where westbound travelers can first access the gorge.The Rullestadjuvet (Rullestad Gorge) contains several small waterfalls that can be seen from numerous trails and pullouts along the old E134 roadbed that was made obsolete when the Rullestad Tunnel was opened. Along the steepest part of the gorge, the Dalelva drops over several significant waterfalls, the largest of which are about 25 meters (80 feet) tall. At least one of the waterfalls along this stretch of river is officially named, so it follows that the other falls may also be named. The entire series of falls cannot be seen collectively, but all parts of the cascades are easy to access. We drove past this series of falls in June of 2011 but did not have time to stop and properly document the location.

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50 degrees

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