Name of Waterfall

Sandstone Falls


Sandstone Falls is located in Coal Creek Park in Bellevue. Exit Interstate 405 at Coal Creek Parkway, heading east towards Newcastle. At the 1 1/3 mile mark where the road dips downhill and crosses Coal Creek park at the trailhead on the left (immediately before crossing the creek). Follow the Coal Creek Trail for a mile, then turn left on the Primrose Trail. The falls are another quarter mile away.Were this narrow little spout located anywhere but an urban park corridor within the Seattle Metro area it wouldn't be given the time it takes to blink. Sandstone Falls is a seasonal waterfall fed by stormwater runoff that usually flows fairly consistently during the winter, but by March its seen its time for the season. Apparently the falls didn't even exist until the City of Bellevue redirected stormwater from the neighborhoods above and into Coal Creek Canyon in the early 90s. Further evidence of tampering is the presence of a large culvert spitting the water out right at the top of the falls. I've tried climbing to the top to see if the culvert can be dealt with in any way but I've been subverted by mud and slick slopes. Regardless, the trail to the falls is a decent Sunday afternoon stroll in the winter for those looking for a waterfall fix, but not much else.

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0 cfs

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0 cfs


77 degrees

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Cedar River Unnamed