This isn't a true spring. Instead, it taps into Mount SimonHinckley aquifer to get water that is said to be more than 30,000 years old. True fossil water This well was drilled in the past by Schmidt Brewery.
The water has been made available to the general public periodically over the years. Recently, the tap was re-opened in 2010. The water is taken to a holding tank, which is then dispensable to the public by a vending device.
Notice that there is a sign at the vending machine that states that the water has been treated with UV. It is unclear how accurate this claim is at this point.
You can see a cross-section map of how far the well has been drilled into the aquifer here:
Minnesota Public Radio published a nice article on the re-opening the water for the public. It also contains some great history.
Since the re-opening, we've used the water occasionally. It tastes wonderful and the TDS level is lower than Fredrick Miller Spring but not much.
Nearest Address

Crossroads of 7th St. West, and Webster St. in St. Paul. Just off the river.
Directions from the Nearest Address

Turn south on Highway 94 and take the 35E exit. Turn North on West 7th St., and continue East.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Schmidt Brewery Well Chart
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888, 7th St W, Saint Paul, MN 55117, US

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