May also be called St Helens Well. This is the name for the stone trough which is fed by the spring. If there is a spring, I don’t know its name. The spring is found in Farnhill just outside Keighley on Main Street, right next to the house "Spout House". The lady who lives there was friendly when I visited the spring. She didn't mind me asking her questions and wasn't surprised that I wanted to collect water. Although she claimed she didn't drink it, as she has a tap in her home! She stated that she lived there for years, and had never seen it stop flowing. She claimed that the house has been there since 1610, while the spring was there long before that. She claimed that people used to fill their bottles from the spring on their way past. Although I have only had the chance to consume around 10 litres of water so far, the water is really nice and clean. When I visited it, the water was flowing at a rate that was roily 4.5 Ltrs per hour. It is located just outside another house. Although I don’t know any details about it, I have tried drinking around 5 litres of the water. This one is included in a couple of photos. Shelley Well can be seen to the right and just around the corner.

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