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Skyrdalsfossen is a formerly significant waterfall which occurred along one of the largest melt streams that originates in the northern lobe of the Folgefonna Ice Cap. The falls are located immediately below the dam which impounds Juklavatnet and, based on one meter contour topographic maps, drop approximately 300 meters in two distinct steps, the largest of which falls about 215 meters (700 feet) and would often spread out across a 60 meter (200 foot) wide breadth of the cliff face.
Skyrdalsfossen has been effectively dry since 1974 when the Jukla and Mauranger Hydroelectric systems came online. The Skyrdalselva is regulated by the dam immediately above the falls, and as such the falls will only flow when either the reservoir above the falls is at capacity, or the diversion tunnels need to be taken offline. How frequently either situation occurs is not clear, and while we have seen one or two photographs showing the falls flowing which were taken in the last 20 years, it is considerably more likely that the falls will appear dry than not.

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