Name of Waterfall



Skytjedalsfossen in its completely natural state no longer exists. The stream has been diverted by a small dam and canal a short distance upstream from where the natural falls occurred, and redirected to the southeast so that it descends into the valley and enters the Skytjedalselva above a diversion intake tunnel which is tied to the Sima Hydropower system, rather than below the location of the intake tunnel as it naturally would have. Prior to the diversion the falls dropped over what appears to be a nearly sheer cliff for about 120-130 meters. The now diverted stream does tumble down a waterfall of about 110 meters in height, but as a cascading fall instead of a sheer plunge, about 600 meters further to the southeast. It seems that this new waterfall is commonly enough thought of as Skytjedalsfossen in place of the natural falls which no longer exist.The name Skytjedalsfossen is sometimes incorrectly applied to Skytjefossen, located further downstream.

Other Names


Watershed or Feeder Stream