"A concrete pump/springhouse collects water from a reputed 5 springs uphill/upstream, from the point where it leaves. Some of the water is diverted for use in a nearby farmhouse. However, the rest flows out of a pipe, which was once ceramic but has been rerouted to a claw-footed bathtub. According to the current owners, the spring has been supplying the farmhouse with water for over 90 years. The public has access to water that is both free and safe and good quality. It was the only water source I had for nearly 19 years until I moved away.
I can personally attest to the wonderful taste and no ill effects I have had from the water this spring has given me, as well as the fact that the water is safe for drinking, all the way through 2007. There are many variables that could affect your mileage. Each individual is different and I can't take any responsibility for any harm or damages that might be caused by drinking water from this spring. Tom Harbold. "I also don't have any personal, first-hand knowledge regarding this spring.
Nearest Address
Shelter Systems, Ltd 633 Stone Chapel Road Westminster, MD 21157-6731
Directions from the Nearest Address

The Shelter Systems plant is directly across Stone Chapel Road and the shelter is directly across Avondale Road. It is at the intersection of Stone Chapel Road and Avondale. You can see what was once a Christmas tree nursery behind it.
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
There is no restriction on hours of operation or prohibition. I have seen people there at all times of the day. I have also gotten water there after-dark (the Shelter System lights, across the road, light it almost too well at night).
39.555670., -77.033391 39.555670., -77.033391 77.3391 39.555670., W077deg 2.0035'. (note: These are the coordinates to Shelter Systems across the road.
Map Link: Stone Chapel Road Spring Map
Submitted By: Tom Harbold


633, Stone Chapel Rd, Westminster, MD 21157, US

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