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Strondsfossen is located on the west side of Sandvinvatnet just south of Odda. The falls are best seen from Route 13 along the east shore of the lake. A large pullout can be found adjacent to the mouth of Stolselvi (see link to Tjørnadalsfossen below) which provides a good view of the falls across the lake. Additional views can be found at other pullouts along Route 13 as it parallels the lake. Additionally, a trail crosses the falls on a suspension bridge just above the lowest tier. Not all of the waterfall will be visible from here but it will allow closer viewing. From Odda, follow signs to Buerbreen, then turn left towards Strand and park on the right before reaching the houses at the end of the road. Walk the road past the houses and follow the trail to the bridge over the falls.Oddadalen harbors five waterfalls of considerable stature which are easily accessible, and though Strondsfossen may not be the smallest of the group, because it's usually viewed from across a large lake it is quite likely the least appreciated of the five. Fed by melt from the Folgefonna Icefield as well as seven major lakes, Strondsfossen is a moderately high volume waterfall which drops 380 meters (1,245 feet) in a series of steep slides and cascades, terminating directly in Sandvinvatnet. Overall the waterfall is classified as a Steep Cascading type waterfall, but in reality the falls alternate from plunging to cascades to sliding and back. The initial drop is essentially back-to-back free falls, reverting to slightly less than vertical falls after that. From the middle of the falls to its base Strondsfossen features multiple smooth but steep slides where the water sheets out over broad reaches of bedrock. Because of these final slides the falls have a run of over 2,000 feet, though when viewing from across the lake the distance the water travels is difficult to appreciate.

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75 cfs (8 months)

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15 cfs (4 months)


70 degrees

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