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In Sunndalsøra take Highway 62 to the west/south end of town and turn south onto Litldalsvegen (signed for Litldalen) and follow it for about 14km to where the falls can be seen from the valley below in tandem with neighboring Hallurfossen. Note that Litldalsvegen becomes the Aursjøvegen about 7km from Sunndalsøra, at which point there is a toll to proceed (NOK 50 for cars as of 2011).Styggfossen is one of two waterfalls which descend the major headwall of Litldalen. The falls can be seen in tandem with Hallurfossen from several locations throughout the upper part of the valley but may not be as easily approached. The falls appear to be incorporated into the Aura hydroelectric system and are likely to be greatly reduced in volume for lengthy periods of the year, however when we passed the falls in June 2011 (we did not have time to properly survey the falls) they were flowing with considerable volume.

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