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In Sunndalsøra take Highway 62 to the west/south end of town and turn south onto Litldalsvegen (signed for Litldalen) and follow it up the valley. The falls will come into view several kilometers before it is reached but the best views are found at about the 9km point, which is just past the outlet of Dalavatnet, and then the base of the falls will be reached at 9.6km from Sunndalsøra. Note that Litldalsvegen becomes the Aursjøvegen about 7km from Sunndalsøra, at which point there is a toll to proceed (NOK 50 for cars as of 2011).Litldalen features some of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway, in many areas rising for more than 800 meters from the valley floor. The sheer topography does not allow for much in the way of catchment atop their lofty summits, but in a few places several low volume waterfalls stream down from above. Tågfossen is the tallest and most impressive of several such waterfalls found throughout the valley. Fed by a small lake in a flat basin above Dalavatnet, the falls drop a total of 710 meters (2,330 feet) in a single delicate horsetail type fall which begins as a cascade and then reverts to a sheer plunge and then back to a veiling horsetail for its final descent. Because of the small drainage area the falls are not expected to flow in the late summer months unless periods of prolonged rain are experienced.

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IWC Rating (International Waterfall Classification)


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Average High Volume (Cubic ft per second)

15 cfs

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0 cfs


80 degrees

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