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The Trollstigen is a very prominent landmark in Møre Og Romsdal and is quite easy to find thanks to prominent signing along the major roads in the area. From the E136 in Romsdalen take Highway 63 south for almost 11km to the base of the switchbacks at the foot of the falls (the junction of E136 and 63 is about 4km east of the town of Åndalsnes). Continuing up the road will yield several additional viewpoints.Though the falls are no less prominent than neighboring Stigfossen, Trollfossen is the lesser recognized of the two significant waterfalls found along Norway’s famous Trollstigen. While not quite as tall as Stigfossen and situated on a stream of a considerably smaller size and drainage area, Trollfossen is nearly equal in specter as it plunges about 195 meters (640 feet) over the nearly sheer cliffs on the east side of Isterdalen. As the stream approaches the cliff it takes an oddly circuitous route by trending west and then cutting almost due north into a narrow trough which guides the falls in an entirely different direction. Where the trough dissipates the stream then resumes its westerly direction, but the incision into the bedrock makes the falls appear to flow out of a cave. During the earlier months of the year a seasonal stream plunges directly over the cliff above where the main flow emerges from the trough, which makes the falls appear quite a bit taller than it actually is (though the representation isn’t too far off given the loss in elevation from the cascades in the trough section).
The basin which fuels the falls harbors a modest lake and several small tarns, but little if any permanent ice, so the volume of water present in the stream will correspond to the amount of winter snow which remains on the ground into the summer months. By September expect the volume to be greatly reduced from its springtime levels (though it should still be flowing well).We have not yet been able to verify whether this waterfall has an officially recognized name. The title Trollfossen seems to be most commonly used - after the adjacent road. The falls are also known as Tverrdalsfossen after the valley and stream from which it originates.

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50 cfs (8 months)

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10 cfs (4 months)


80 degrees

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