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Tyssefossen is a significant waterfall along the Tyssa located near the head of Storfjorden in Ørsta. The falls drop approximately 380 meters (1,245 feet) in 3-4 distinct sections. The two largest tiers fall approximately 200 meters (650 feet) and 85 meters (275 feet) respectively, with another 40-45 meters of the overall height made up for in cascades between these two drops, and the remainder in smaller plunges and cascades set in a narrow gorge above the top of the largest tier. Another significant fall of about 50 meters in height is located another 300-400 linear meters upstream from where we've spotted the top of the falls, but it isn't entirely clear whether there is enough congruency in the intermittent cascades to consider this drop an actual upper tier of the falls - should it be found to qualify, the overall height would increase to about 510 meters (1,675 feet), accounting for more interstitial cascades as well as the additional 50 meter fall.
The Tysso is regulated in a hydroelectric system, and the flow of Tyssefossen is considerably reduced from its natural volume in turn. The basin which the stream drains from harbors seven significant lakes and three small glaciers, so the natural volume of the falls would be significant without the interference of the diversion. As it is, the falls do still appear to retain a small flow at times, and do occasionally swell to larger volumes - presumably when the basin above is overwhelmed by either heavy rainfall or excess snow melt, but how frequently the volume is significant enough to bring the falls back to something close to its natural state is not known.Tyssefossen is the historically correct spelling for this waterfall, but we've seen variations of Tussefossen and Tussafossen used at times as well (these may simply be phonetic variants based on localized dialects).

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['Tussefossen', 'Tussafossen']

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