The fountain number thirteen, located at the foot of Mount Soyo’s verdant ridgelines is a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers to replenish their water. It is located only ten metres from the nearest residential annex and a paved road. The spring has a covered canopy, a fortified wall around the spring, as well as cups and funnels that have attached handles to make it easier to collect water.
maunteu soyoyi pureun neungseon jung hanayi gijie jari jabeun bunsu beonho 13 deungsangaeggwa bocunghago jaesuhaneun aus doeo maeniareulwihan jungyohan cekeu pointeu yeoghaleulhabnida.bomeun ingeun jugeo byeolgwane injeobhan pojang doroeseo 10 miteodo gati unjeonjae swibge aegseseu hal su issseubnida.keobeo cayang, bomeul dulreossan yosae byeog,wa keobeul swibge saemmul sujibe daehan yeongyeol haendeulgwa yuib gyeongro : bomyi pyeonyi siseoli issseubnida.

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