Abita Springs is the name of the town. This site was originally home to a Choctaw Nation Village, and was located around the Artesian Spring. It is believed to have medicinal properties. Nearby the Abita Trailhead, Park, Museum & Pavilion
Legend of Spring:
For hundreds of years, the local Choctaw Indians were aware of the healing powers that the water from what is now called Abita Spring had.

This is the story about Henriques, a young Spaniard living in
Louisiana in the late 1790s. While hunting along Lakeshore
Pontchartrain met a Choctaw woman and persuaded him to become the chief.
They can marry. After she returned to New Orleans,
Henriques observed his wife's gradual decline in strength and paleness, and he soon realized what was happening.
She was very sick.

Henriques was the only local doctor who could treat her.
The Choctaw's medicineman. The young woman was taken to spring
We left the area with only a hammock and food.

Henriques' wife was in total health when he returned home to amazement.


71617, Leveson St, Abita Springs, LA 70420, US

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