Magnesium rich spring water. Also bottled under the names O2Cool, Noah's Water.
Current capacity is 850 trucksloads (6600 gallons per truck) per month. However, current usage is only around 100 truckloads/month.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), all bottled water should be labeled with magnesium content. Magnesium prevents strokes and heart attacks, and it is naturally found in all groundwater. There are hundreds of Medical Journal articles that discuss magnesium in water. The Adobe Springs has 110 mg magnesium per liter and it tastes great! Adobe Springs water can supply all magnesium needed for the average person's diet. Adobe Springs flows at more than 72 Million gallons annually and has free Spigots open 24/7 (closed for maintenance Saturdays 10-4). Visit Adobe Springs, Patterson, CA 95363, and bring water bottles to receive all the spring water that you are entitled to. Paul Mason, spring manager (408) 897-3023
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19,000 Del Puerto Canyon Road, Patterson, CA 95363
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Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
The office is open 24 hours a day, except when it is closed for maintenance on Sundays.
Map Link: Adobe Springsg Map
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11856, Del Puerto Canyon Rd, Patterson, CA 95363, US

Don't Forget Your Filter

Life Straw removes 99.999% of waterborn parasites so it is essential if you're drinking from an unknown water source. With proper use it provides 4,000 liters of clean and safe drinking water.

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