Alvord Hot Springs is now free and no longer available. The Davis Family (owners of the Alvord Hot Springs) has torn down the structure and constructed a new one. It includes a parking lot and bathrooms, pay camping, sandbox, a store, showers, and an on-site caregiver. $5 per hour for access
Alvord can either be reached by the Fields-Denio Road from Burns or the south via Fields-Denio Road. From the north, drive 41 miles south along the dirt Fields-Denio Road (from Highway 78). Drive 23 miles north (12 mil paved) from the south to reach Alvord Hot Springs.
Seasons All
Type: Roadside
GPS: 42.544 118.533
Elevation: 4,080ft
Land: Private (Commercial).
No Restrictions
Usage: High
Moderate Visibility
Temp: Adjustable via wooden plugs
Water clarity: Semiclear
Odor: Sulfur
pH: n/a
Area Features: Steens Mountain, Alvord Desert
The closest food/gas source
Trash: Low
Bugs: Low-None
Wildlife: Moderate
Camping: Available on-site or nearby
Clothing is optional
Pit toilet


, , Princeton, OR 97721, US

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