Ancaster Parks and Recreation manages this property. Ancaster Historical Sulphur Fountain This is not meant to be drunk, though some people may. The mineral spa that was built at the Sulphur Springs Hotel in 1800 was fed by this spring. The Hotel was popular for its curative properties. Due to the two fires, the Hotel was closed in 1910. Drinking water is available at 1109 Sulphur Springs Road.
This about the history of the area surrounding the spring:
Nearest Address

820 Sulphur Springs Road
Directions from the Nearest Address

Ancaster is located on the "mountain" - the escarpment - from Hamilton ON. To get on the highway, exit the QEW at Hamilton 403. Follow the LINK route up the mountain. Continue on to Ancaster by taking the Fiddler's green exit (there is a sign). It takes approximately. 2 blocks, fiddler's green ends in a T intersection. You will take a right and then immediately turn left onto Lover's Lane. Keep going straight along this road until it changes to Sulphur Springs Rd.
You're now driving through the conservation region, where you can enjoy hiking along the Bruce Trail. The trail parking area and a small heritage museum are located to your right. There is also an outhouse. Just after the museum, turn right onto Sulphur Springs Rd.
There will be a dirt road, and then there will be a hill. You will find the "sulphur", which smells and tastes better that egg salad, at the top of the hill. A yellow bird was seen drinking from it. The stream has a lot jewel weed.
Continue going uphill and down another hill to reach "Ancaster wells" which is the small rectangular building. There is parking for approximately 5 cars and a driveway. It also has the only streetlight for miles.
Two continuous flowing wells will appear from the spouts. According to my knowledge, they come from two different sources. I prefer the one with the information posted on side... Use your judgement.
Glass bottles are recommended (ofcourse!) As the sulphur will cause any other material to be eroded.
This water saved my houseplants from near-death and cut down on the time taken to sow mung beans.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Ancaster Wells Map
Submitted by: tbuschlen, Mo Rosati


766, Sulphur Springs Rd, Trinity, ON L9G, CA

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