An ever-flowing "Artesian well" spring is located northeast of Cherokee, Oklahoma, and provides a cool drink for travelers and a "fill-your-own-container" source of water for many homes of the area. This artesian well was and adjacent property were purchased by McDermott Living Trust, Brickman Estate in 2003. This natural water source is called the "Artesian Well of Highway 11". This well is located north of the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. The main well was dug in 1954. Since then, the public has had free access to this clean water source. In 2003, the McDermott's established deVine LLC to distribute their water business. This was to keep the free service available to area residents and tourists while bottling and selling the better product. This slogan is based on this concept. "The water you drink is free... all you have to do is buy the bottle and delivery." News Channel 4 has a short video online. It also lists distributors at various locations throughout North Central Oklahoma and South Central Kansas.
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526 Flynn Street Alva, OK 73717
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526, Flynn St, Alva, OK 73717, US

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