Clear mineral taste with very little sediment. It is cool, but not ice-cold. Piped.
Named after travelers who would become extremely thirsty and consume too much water from the source, water was created. It isn't because the water is poisonous, but it gives you a stomach ache.
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Nearest Address

hwy 33 - Maricopa Hway; mile mark 22.
Directions from the Nearest Address

From Ojai: Follow hwy33 towards maricopa. Pass matilija Canyon and wheeler gorge. Just a few miles further you'll see mile 22 with the waterfall on your left. Find the pipe by hiking up the hill past the waterfall.
Additional Notes: Continue up Highway 33 until you see a waterfall. If you're heading north, there is also a place for you to park in the dirt. The spring can be seen directly from the waterfall if you look at it, and is currently flowing about 100 feet to its left. It's easy to fill it up and isn't too far from the road.
Vital Information
Hours Spring Open
N/A. - The office should be open at all times, but it's not recommended that you travel in the dark until the spring. Best to travel during daylight.
34.5303degN -119.2707degW
Map Link: Belly Ache Springs map
Submitted By: The Healing Patch Raw Cuisine, Julie and Sarah


17572, Wheeler Springs Rd, Ojai, CA 93023, US

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