Take U.S. 24 east from Fort Wayne and travel 19 miles to Maumee Township. You will pass Blue Cast Springs.
Although it can be difficult to find springs, they are well worth the effort. I will need to return in the fall, when there are less mosquitoes. The debris is from an old springhouse bottling station, but it was there in 1901.
..... there's a story.
A local newspaper once called it "the marvelous natural beauty."
spot nestled in the highlands of the Maumee," The name Blue Cast is applied to it.
It was a result of the bluish colour of the water. It seemed to be also a bluish color.
There is evidence that the water has a unique magnetic force, which is not found in mineral water.
People found that it had attractive and drinkable qualities.
An invigorating tonic with metabolic qualities. Rumors among those
People who knew the location said that iron and steel were left in the seawater for several days.
"Time became magnetic."
"South of the mineral Spring, another one was discovered that produced Sulfur
water and mud, which led to yet another business. This one was to
People are attracted to therapeutic baths.
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22133, US Hwy 24 E, Woodburn, IN 46797, US

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