Buffalo Springs National Historic Site
South Boston is 13 miles away. Take US-58 East. At Buffalo Springs National Historic Site (Buffalo Springs Road), Buffalo Junction, VA 24529, turn left. Spring is just next to the white pavilion.
This spring was once well-known in the late 1800s. People came from all walks of the globe to enjoy the lithium-containing waters. They didn't even know that lithium was used to treat bipolar disorder, treatment resistant depression, and other disorders.
An old Geologic Survey from 1886 shows mineral springs in the USA and their mineral content.
It lists 3 springs, and I do not know which one is at this historical site. Spring 1 and 2, respectively, have 1.48 grains and 2.25 grains per imperial gallon of lithium carbonate. Spring 3 contains only trace amounts (different compound) of lithia. Converting to mg/L is the current standard. Spring 1 has 21.1 mg/L and spring 2 has 32.1 mg/L. Drinking a liter of spring 1 will give you 1/40 the current dosing for mental disorder, which is between 900 and 1800 mg/day. Side effects can vary at high doses. God might have chosen to combine these powerful minerals with other synergistic minerals.
Another study demonstrated longevity in C.elegans, a worm, when lithium was administered at a concentration 20 mM (138 mg/L).
Last but not least, the final study I will mention was done in Japan. Different areas had different water and different lithium concentrations. They had a lower suicide rate and a higher longevity, with all suicides being removed from the statistical data. These concentrations were 0.059mg/l lithium. These concentrations were much lower than expected, but it is important to remember that these cities did not deliberately add lithium to their water.
These lithium spring water that we have are some the most rare minerals on Earth. I ask that you do not drink these waters, but that you don't seek prophetic benefits from water that should always be free to all. Another bottling plant is the last thing we need. Reddit invites you to join the discussion.


177, Buffalo Springs Rd, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529, US

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