Wilder Creek's source is from this spring. It's located in Cave Gulch. It is accessible via an unnamed path that runs between the Engelsmans Loop Trail and lower UCSC properties. Google Maps displays this trail. This trail is invaluable for mountain bikers as well as hikers traversing Wilder Ranch State Park. You will find the location of this spring by following the water. The area north of this spring has a dry, rocky creek bed filled with fallen trees. South of it is full of water. The spring is on the right, and it is covered by rocks (a canopy). I obtained a sample from the source and tested it with a microscope. I was unable to find any microorganisms living in the sample, but only trace amounts. This water was safe for me to consume. I consider this pure, potable water.


100, Heller Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, US

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