Private Spring possible
I had selfishly kept this spring for my own personal use/ it was on private land. I learned recently that Mr. Rozati has died and I will share this spring to honor him and his incredible contributions. Cedar Springs Rd. is the easiest way to enter the property. Although there is no gate, there is a camera on the property and a sign stating "No Trespassing" They are open to visitors and always greet me with friendly hellos whenever I visit their small, peaceful community. Always be polite during your visit. You may also access the Bruce Trail via Britannia Rd or Blind Line. The fountain is beautiful and well maintained. It is covered with a roof, and has a pipe to refill your jugs. It is located right after the first bridge that crosses CS Road and crosses a tributary towards Bronte. It is possible to enjoy a poem that has been carved into a building. All the best for your health.


2058, Grand Blvd, Burlington, ON L7P, CA

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