Clearview Springs offers two filling locations. The water is pumped down into the hills via metal pipes. According to my knowledge, the filling stations have been in place since the 1970s. It seems like there is always someone filling bottles! This spring is without a doubt my favorite spring in Northwestern CT... It's very beautiful!
The road side has two outlets. They are approximately seventy-five ft apart. According to reports, the spring head is located further back on a hillside. There are outlets at the road.
The spring is located close to Fitzpatrick Street. It's difficult from the street to identify which house number it is. The house to the right of the spring is number 403. It's a single family home with beige shutters and green shutters. Latitude and longitude approximates at 41.7900381, -73.1021238. This will be helpful. Here's an older photo of the spring with its cinderblock. The property owners have apparently altered the appearance of the spring with small American flags and decorations. The photo below shows the location and relationship of the 2nd spring to the larger, more obvious spring. You might never discover it if it isn't obvious. It was as it was in the original photo at the bottom. You'll find it in the current form by looking at the photos that include the "decorative stone" images. It's a great help, I hope!
Nearest Address

Clearview Ave, Harwinton , CT 06791
Directions from the Nearest Address

Spring is right next to Fitzpatrick Rd.
Important Information
Hours Spring Open
Map Link: Clearview Springs Map
Submitted by Kris Naphtali.


394, Clearview Ave, Harwinton, CT 06791, US

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