Hexagonally-shaped Open Granite Pool. This spring has been a commercial water source for over 100 years. This spring is well-known for its unusual ability to stay fresh and was often used by ships on long voyages. The Spring House, although recently restored, retains its original appearance. It is still reminiscent of the Balneopathy days, when people drank from the holy waters. A grate has been installed in the spring pool to prevent it from being submerged. This allows only 8 inches of water to be accessed. You can fill large bottles with a scoop, but it might not be possible to fit them into the spring. These juice bottles can be filled with 1 gallon bottles and used to top off larger bottles.
Although mistakenly called "Mineral Spring", its low TDS makes this spring perfect for regular drinking. This is one my personal favorites around the World!
Additional information is available here and here.
Nearest Address

409 Eagles Way North Conway NH 03860
Directions from the Nearest Address

The High School is the other building on Eagles Way. Continue driving until you reach the High School. You will find the Spring House on your right.
Vital Information
Hours of Spring Open
24 Hours
Map Link: Conway Mineral Spring Chart
Submitted By: Daniel Vitalis


964, US Rte 302, North Conway, NH 03860, US

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