The year-long hotsprings are just 30 minutes from Logan, and 90 minutes from Salt Lake. This is a family favorite getaway spot because of their variety of activities.
Crystal Hot Springs was founded in 1901 and has 39 times more minerals that the Lava Hot Springs of Idaho. This water has 178 more minerals than the Hot Springs National, Arkansas. Crystal Hot Springs water is rich in minerals. There are many stories.
Crystal Hot Springs has both hot and cold pools that can be used for soaking or swimming. Each person (including children) is allowed to use the pool. They are free for children two years and younger.
Management is determined to provide information about the health benefits of hot springs. The high iron content in the hot springs water causes the pools to appear reddish or dark. Calcium causes calcium buildup in the water.
Managers of Utah's local television station "Long Way Home" spoke out about the lack of minerals in the body. The region's most luxurious hotsprings allow visitors to replenish the mineral they need. They also feel refreshed and satisfied when they leave.
Crystal Hot Springs also offers recreational activities such as fishing. Visitors can enjoy their pond. The fishery is only recreational and done on a "catch-and-release" basis.
"Spearing or stoning, shooting, or any other form fishing, crawfish or wildlife harassment are not permitted."
Crystal Hot Springs has many camping spots. They can also accommodate tents and trailers under 30'RV/5th wheels under 35'". All campers have access to water, sewerage and electricity.
In 2018, the management unveiled a brand new lodge (building), which is the first building they have remodeled since 1914. You have more options for suites with the same features as a traditional hotel.


8195, N Highway 38, Honeyville, UT 84314, US

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