Crystal Spring Park is a municipal parks maintained by the township of Laurel Springs, Camden County in New Jersey. It is located at Laurel Lake's eastern end. It is tiny but contains a natural spring, which was Walt Whitman's favorite spot during his summer visits to this area. Whitman spent his summers at a farm house belonging to a friend, just blocks from Laurel Lake. Whitman turned one of the barns into his summer home. Whitman stated that Laurel Lake was "the prettiest lake in America and Europe". Crystal Spring is located at the top of a hill, in a beautiful forest area just outside Laurel Lake. The entrance is located at Lakeview Avenues and West Elma Avenues. The location has parking. Continue down the hill following a path to the right, which leads to the spring. The spring is at the bottom of a cove. It pools at the base and flows into a small stream that leads to the lake.
Whitman's work on "Specimen Days" as well as a large portion of "Leaves of Grass", was largely written here. After a partial stroke, Whitman would relax by the spring and take mud baths nearby.


600, Elma Ave, Clementon, NJ 08021, US

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