The Witjira National park has over 100 springs, of which approximately 80 are active. These natural artesian springs provide a peaceful retreat for those who wish to relax and enjoy temperatures between 40 and 43 degrees Celsius.
Witjira is a great place to begin your journey across Australia.
While you're staying at Dalhousie Spring, there are a few wildlife species that you can see. You can see some of the individual species in the springs, but they are not known to be found elsewhere in the world.
The park's wilderness means that you may need to travel some distance to get to each hot spring. The Great Artesian Basin supplies the majority of the thermal springs. You will find huge pools as well small sections. No matter which view you prefer, you can enjoy stunning views of Australia's vegetation and landscape.
The hot springs of South Australia offer the opportunity to camp. There have been recent upgrades that have increased the appeal of 4WD vehicles being brought to these hot springs for off-roading or touring. Even at night, the stars shine brightly and the views are endless until the dawn.
There are some camping options that you can use while staying at Dalhousie hot springs.
BBQ Pits
Hot Showers
Laundry Services
You must call ahead to reserve camping in the park.

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