Deep Water Bath House is a great option for anyone who plans to spend time in Victoria. This luxurious hotel in Melbourne has world-class amenities that include hot springs and a spa.
This isn’t your typical hot springs found in the wilderness. Deep Water in Melbourne has designed a bath house that will allow you to unwind and recharge in one of the 3 spa-like pools. A wide variety of spa treatments are available to complement your day, such as facials and massages, hydrotherapy, geothermal bathing, and hydrotherapy.
They also have four private pools that are pumped into the natural springs of Dilwyn Aquifer. While they rise through the earth, they capture many healing minerals and still maintain a temperature of 45 degrees celsius. Relax and enjoy the luxury hot springs experience at The Deep Blue Bath House.
Worm Bay Road
Warrnambool Victoria 3280
Phone: +61 3 5559 2000

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