Enjoy a relaxing getaway on the beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington State. Doe Bay Resort, WA offers a range of activities that emphasize down-to-earth relaxation activities that will help to make you more aware of yourself.
The entire property can be found right next to Doe Bay. You can enjoy the magnificent bay view from both guests who choose to stay there and visitors who only wish to use their saunas and hot pools.
Because of their idyllic setting, the resort is called "The Warm Heart of Doe Bay".
The bath house is an independent building and is designed as a modern cabin hall. You will find a sauna and outdoor shower as well as saltwater soaking tubs. There is also an on-site restroom. The resort guests can use the spa for free. However, visitors can pay an additional fee to access the pools. Annual Spa Memberships can also be purchased.
Take a deep breath and relax after taking a hot bath. Book a massage in one their studios to further enhance your relaxation.
Doe Bay Resort & Retreat's 38-acre property has many types of accommodation: camping, yurts, domes, and cottages.
Doe Bay Camping is an ideal option for Orcas Island. The resort offers amenities and allows you to explore the wilderness.
Domes and yurts can be used by pets. Each has its own unique design. You can have a more luxurious experience with the newly renovated "On Grid" Yurts. These yurts have electricity and other home amenities.


107, Doe Bay Rd, Olga, WA 98279, US

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