Fairmont resort boasts Canada's largest natural hotsprings. It allows visitors to experience all the country has to provide. International tourists come to Fairmont all year for the natural healing waters and luxurious spa treatments. It is also centrally located to many outdoor adventures. Here are a few other activities that you can enjoy in addition to the hot springs.
- Snowboarding and skiing
Horseback Riding
Hot Springs
British Columbia's hotsprings are well-known for their mineral waters and breathtaking views of mountain ranges. Fairmont offers a variety of places to swim, or simply relax after a long day in the thermal pool. The pool's average temperature is 102°F, while the pool's average temperature is 89°F.
Fairmont hotsprings resort pools are supplied with over a million gallons of natural springs water. Due to the small amount of water used, very little chlorine is required. This gives you the healing minerals you need. Some minerals include:
- Calcium
- Sulphate
- Chloride
- Magnesium
The hot springs and resort are open all year so plan your vacation with confidence. Fairmont is more peaceful in winter, when it is less crowded.
Adult - $12.95
Seniors: $10.95
Youth - $11.95
Children - $10.95
Below 3 years old - free
Towel Rental 4.00
Fairmont is a great option for those who want to stay for a short time in BC. They offer a luxurious spa, fantastic dining options and 140 rooms for lodging. This retreat is a great option for a week-long getaway as more people are coming to Canada.
Fairmont Natural Springs is a great place to camp, as well as rv campgrounds and bungalows. Canada is renowned for its majestic mountains and forests, making camping very popular. For a more private night, you can find cabins close to the park with all the amenities. If you are planning to drive around BC for at least a week, consider camping.
The campgrounds can be found under the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They are also within sight of the hotsprings. There are showers, TVs, WiFi and firepits for campers. If you're planning on staying a while, there's even a laundry facility. You can also enjoy the wild at 130 sites and 180 campsites with RV hookups. Fairmont Hot Springs can be very busy in summer so get there early to ensure you find the best area for your family. Sprucegrove Campground offers some tent spots if you cannot find any prime spots for camping.
You don't have to spend your time soaking in the hot water. There are many other activities in the vicinity. There are three local golf courses. Horseback riding, whitewaterrafting, fishing and ATV riding are all available. They also have a small ski resort in the winter for slope lovers. The snowmobiling trails are great and can be mastered in a matter of weeks.
Fairmont Hot Springs is a tiny community in Canada. It has only 475 inhabitants. Tourists do fill the town and the surrounding areas with their enthusiasm for the hot springs and other activities. Calgary, in particular, is very popular because of its proximity to the city. You can shop quite a bit in this town.


5229, Fairmont Resort Rd, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B, CA

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