Fifth Water Hot Springs, Utah, is a great place for adventurers. You will drive for a few miles on a dirt road. It's a short hike that is accessible and easy for everyone. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of hot springs or waterfalls once you are there.
It's an easy hike but it's recommended that you wear hiking shoes and the appropriate clothing.
It is approximately 2.5 miles long so expect to spend about 3-4 hours on the trailhead depending on your speed. It is quite flat and narrow, but the trail is very rewarding. The trails are well-maintained with very little inclines. Clear paths are often surrounded with trees.
A few groups will often visit the hot springs on weekends to enjoy their famed location. The area doesn't have any hotel accommodations, but people still love to camp here at night.
The Fifth Water Hot Springs are comparatively warmer than any other natural hot springs within Utah. You can expect water temperatures to drop to 100 degrees if there are people around. If you get close to the waterfalls, the water gets hotter.


, , Provo, UT 84605, US

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